We play 'AT CAUSE'

Team Membership

1) Having our business valuated with our patented online service with over 33 million companies valuated globally in our data base.   (The cost for this type and quality of valuation is approximately $2000) Members will have access to our valuation service on an annual basis.  

2) Develop clear and workable exit strategies to build value and maximize a potential sales price for your business.  (This cost can range from $500-$1000/year depending on advisory fees)   

3) Two events held per year, one for local Team members in their communities to invite new potential members and one for all our Team members including corporate sponsors.   Both events will reward our top connectors and will coach/train our members towards achieving significantly increased value and exit strategy efficiencies.

Team Ownership

Business brokers and advisors will be the most likely to become Team Owners because they will offer their Team Members a discount on fee’s associated with selling, merging and/or acquiring like businesses.  These discounts will be based on the same approximate 10% level of discount all our members will be giving when business transacts to reward connectors and support good causes.


We are currently interviewing potential investors.